Paul started off in the hospitality industry at the young age of 14 where his first taste of the industry was washing dishes at the beautiful Wentloog Castle Castleton near Cardiff. Paul quickly learnt his role and progressed into the front of the kitchen learning the trade of a chef.

Within 11 months of working as a chef he took the opportunity given to him to move to Birmingham and work as a chef with a senior role quickly moving through the ranks he decided to move back to the wentloog after 15 months away taken on a new role as food and beverage manger later to move on to operations manager.

Over the next few years between 1999-2004 Paul was lucky enough to travel to Europe and Australia whilst gaining more experience within the hospitality sector only to return to the uk and work as operations manager for the Hilton hotel Newport.

Over the years Paul has personally been involved in over 1000 weddings/parties whether it be preparing and cooking for them, serving tables, dressing the room, help plan the day and even toast mater.

What they say about us!!!

Paul Gwilym sowed the seeds for Gwil I AM with  The Wedding Fayre Shop Back in 2007 when he bought a chocolate fountain and set up in business on Splott Road. Prior to that he had travelled the world, paying his way by working in venues, restaurants and bars. This provided him with all of the insights he needed in order to develop the chocolate fountain idea into what his business interest’s amount to today, which is essentially pretty impressive!

The Wedding Fayre Shop is a multi service operation that attempts to provide clients with a one-stop shop for all of their wedding requirements. Everything is covered from the planning stage through to the provision of the details, such as venue selection, venue decoration, caterers, photographers, music... the full kit and kaboodle! It is possible to order ice sculptures, organise dove releases and even have a snow machine on hand just in case nature looks set to let you down on the day. Gwil I AM sends equipment all over the UK, and Paul prides himself on being able to deliver ice sculptures to Edinburgh if he's commissioned to do so... and at a fraction of what it would cost if his clients were to have placed the order with a London business.



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